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Terms & Conditions

Payment Deposits booked online are due at time of booking. Deposits paid in cash are due on the date of shoot. Balance will be paid in full prior to release of photos.  ALL  SALES  ARE FINAL  once balance is paid in full.  Any requested reshoots will be charged as a new session.

Editing Policy

Different Mind Designs promotes self-confidence and wishes to show our clients in their most natural self possible. Basic editing includes lighting and color correction, Skin retouching, and fly-away hair removal.  Any other cosmetic edits that requires advanced editing or manipulation (i.e., body-altering, facial reconstruction, etc.) will incur an additional fee based on the amount of work requested.



Deposits are non-refundable 48 hours before the date of photo session. Deposit refunds are only available if the photographer fails to arrive or cancels the photo session appointment.


If you need to cancel, please notify the photographer at least 48 hours before the scheduled date; otherwise, you will be charged $25 for late cancellation.  The clock starts at scheduled shooting time, even if you are late (Ex. if you are 15 minutes late to a 1-hour shoot that runs from 1 pm-2 pm, the shoot will still end at 2 pm.) If running late for session, please be sure to contact me within a 15-minute window after the initial session start time. If there is no contact or appearance after the 15-minute window, the session will be cancelled without refund. No exceptions.


Initial proofs are turned around 7 business days after date of appointment.  Any request to have proofs completed prior to turnaround time is considered an expedited turnaround and requires a charge of 50% of the package added to the total fee (i.e.,  An expedited fee for a $150 package is $75 + $150 = $225).  After proofs are approved by the client, final photos will be turned around 2 business days after approval. 

Rights of Usage

Photos may be printed or used for personal and/or promotional purposes only and are NOT  to be sold, licensed, or published without the written permission of Different Mind Designs LLC.

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