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Which Female Street Fighter
Character is Your Favorite?

Chun Li, Menat and Juri. Fan Art by Hinanana

 Is it Cammy because of her evasive agility? Rose, because of her mystic power? Or maybe you're old school, and you rock with Chun Li because of her lightning-fast kicks. Whatever the case, one thing's for sure, Street Fighter's popularity has seen a significant increase in female fighters adding to its immensely diverse roster—starting with Ms. Chunners all the way to Menat (or whoever's the newest kids on the block). With so many of them to choose from, fighting game fans worldwide can't help but hold at least one near and dear to their hearts.

What does this have to do with photography, you ask? Well, I'm working on a Street Fighter-based passion project and I feel that this question is an excellent topic of conversation with the recent announcement of
Street Fighter 6 and the accompanying trailer released a little while back.

So with great curiosity, I want to know what you all think. Who's your favorite? I've created a list below containing all that is canon to the Street Fighter Universe, including those from
Final Fight and Rival Schools. So let me know who's your fave by voting at the bottom of this page past the gallery of Capcom's most notoriously badass women. 

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