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Houston based photographer

Learn how to take

killer real estate

& interior decor photos for your listings or portfolio

Thanks for stopping by! Whether you're a realtor, interior decorator or even in the hospitality business, you are pretty much going to rely heavily on photography. As a real estate photographer, I understand the importance of photography in the real estate world, and my goal is to help you utilize it to your fullest extent. I want to help you meet your end goal and that is to ultimately get more clientele and get PAID. I'm going to show you how to do that and explain why it is so important. I'm giving you a free guide on using photography to gain client interest. If you wish to learn how just sign up below to receive this free information. 

With this FREE guide, you will learn

Shooting and editing

Learn the correct angles to showcase the house in a flattering way. Make adjustments to push forth it's best qualities

How to prepare

for your shoot

Understanding the "do's and don'ts" of real estate photography and what's needed to be done prior to the shoot

Tips on creating your own stunning photography

Whether you have just a smartphone or a full fledged camera, I can give you some tips and tricks on taking quality photos to help push you attract lead-turned-clients

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