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4 Tips on Overcoming Camera Shyness

Behind the scenes with Nikita Lamar

Do you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? It's understandable. The camera can be an intimidating thing. You feel like you are being put on the spot, people are staring at you, you're trying to make sure your poses are correct, plus whatever insecurities you may have. Trust me, I understand. As a photographer myself, even I feel a little nervous when standing on the opposite side of the lens. However, there are ways you can beat camera shyness and become comfortable during your close-up moment. I want to help you find the confidence you need to succeed during your next photo shoot.

  1. Understand That You Are Not Alone It's ok to feel a bit nervous; it's not every day that you're in front of a camera. Most people feel exactly the same. However, finding confidence is like a hidden superpower that requires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your vulnerability. This familiar feeling provides comfort in knowing that you aren't the only one.

  2. Trust Your Photographer A great photographer understands that your investment is important, and you don't want your time or money wasted, neither do they. So they will be forth their best efforts to make sure that you are comfortable enough to produce those beautiful photos you o so desire.

  3. Be Yourself Sometimes when we get in front of the camera, we always want to project the perfect image of ourselves. But, here's the thing, you are perfect just the way you are. So, it's ok to represent yourself in the best light possible, but be sure that it's really you. So, I always tell my clients that I want to capture their energy because it helps them connect with their audience authentically. Trust me, it works.

  4. Have Fun Your photographer wants to connect with you and create a comfortable experience you will never forget. Overthinking creates stress, and it begins to feel like work. It also shows in the photos too. It's ok to loosen up. So shake it off, ease your mind, laugh a bit and have a great time!

The bottom line is your experience should be smooth and easygoing. Although the photos need to look great, the photoshoot experience is worthwhile. Embracing that we are all made beautifully different is how you find the confidence you need during your photoshoot. Your experience should be comfortable, relaxed, empowering, and fun.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you for future photoshoots when you're ready to take that brave step in front of the camera.

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