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My photoshoot with Slim Thug!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Wow, man! I can't believe I actually had Slim Thug, aka Boss Hogg, grace my camera last week! That day owes me absolutely nothing! I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity!

I gotta say that before the shoot, I was mad nervous for so many reasons. The weather was against me, and I was scared that he may cancel at the last minute (due to having such a busy schedule), the fact that I could screw up at any moment. But I must say, everything went pretty smooth for the most part.

In my mind, I was fanning out the entire time, but on the outside, I ran it like how I run most of my photoshoots, by utilizing my 5 C's to stunning portrait photography method.

What made it even sweeter was that he was super easy to work with. He didn't bring any diva energy, no pushback or anything like that. He was very laid back, very nice, down to earth, and cooperative. It honestly made for a great shoot and overall great experience! Stay tuned, the photos will be coming soon. Check out my Instagram to see footage from the shoot!

Check out the video below to hear my story about the shoot!

Special Thanks to:

Slim Thug and his amazing team

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