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From working with an NBA legend to getting a billboard! My photoshoot with Steve Francis

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

So this is quite the experience. And yes, this is a very, very, very late post….my bad 😅. Back in February, my buddy Jo’el over at In Other Wordz Sports Magazine decided to do a cover story on Steve Francis. For all of you who don’t know who Steve Francis is, he is a very legendary NBA player who used to play for the Houston Rockets, believe him to be the most incredible Houston Rocket of all time. I was pretty excited to do the job.

So we went on to do the photoshoot. Here’s the kicker, when I did the photo shoot, not only was it used to be featured in a magazine, but it was also asked to be put up on a billboard to help push a basketball team that Steve Francis currently owns.

Moments like that are comparable to waking up on Christmas day and opening up that brand new PS5 that you wanted; it was like a dream come true in a sense. So not only was I getting a legendary NBA player in front of my camera, but the photo was posted on the front of a magazine cover, and one of the photos was featured on four billboards around the great city of Houston Texas.

I can’t be any more grateful than to have an experience like this just jump out of nowhere. 👍🏽

Special thanks to:

Joel Rouse

In Other Wordz Sports Magazine

Steve Francis

Houston Push


Your Styles By Nic

Monique Hobbs

Steve Francis Foundation

Miranda Gonzales

Keating Toyota

Outfront Media

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