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3 social media apps you didn’t know your business needed

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

LeTony The Nocturnist Hadnot
LeTony Hadnot

Get connected quickly and effectively


In today’s world, we are becoming more and more independent by creating our own companies and becoming our own bosses. Some of us are exceptional and can get to where we want to be easily. However, most of us kind of just move by trial and error and learn as we go. But at some point or another, we all run into one of the most important to parts of starting a business and that is marketing.

Marketing can be daunting and exhausting. Trying to get people‘s attention and bring awareness to your brand is not easy, and one of the best ways you do it is via networking. How do most of us network these days? Social media of course....duh!!! In most cases when we think of social media networking, which platforms do we think of 1st? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are usually the main players right? Well, while all of these platforms are great, they can sometimes be clouded with tons of distractions that can send you into wormholes of funny videos, memes and controversy. I’m gonna give you 3 platforms that generally avoids such content and gets you connected to professionals that you could convert into clients. So without further adieu, here they are.


Ok so this one may be a little obvious but hear me out. LinkedIn shouldn’t be counted out. You can connect with people in high places to network with on a very professional level. It also allows you to create ads and a page for your business to draw in potential clients. LinkedIn really helps when you want to reach out to large scale companies for sponsorships and partnerships.


Shapr is a great way to get connected fast. You find matches by either swiping left or right on people that you wish to connect with (very similar to an unnamed dating app *ahem....Tinder) But seriously, all jokes aside; once you find your match, you can directly message them to start a conversation and potentially find a lead. From my experience, most users are usually eager to connect and discuss possible working relationships. I’ve scored a few clients on Shapr pretty easily.


Alignable is another great platform to get connected easily. What’s cool about this one is the fact that’s it’s centered around businesses that are in your local area. You can get connected with business owners, post your services/products and add promotions and announcements. Not only that, but you can post questions and get instant feedback on anything that you may want to know about running a business. I’ve also aquired some clients here too.


So there you have it. If you want to find a way to get connected, you’ll definitely want to check these apps out. I stand behind them 100%. So now I encourage you to stop playing around and get to networking lol. I hope that you have found this helpful and thanks for stopping by. Good luck and happy networking!

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