Kill em with confidence

Different Mind Designs aims to create fun and memorable experiences allowing our clients to build chemistry, gain confidence, and leave behind a legacy that shows them in their best light.

Sage Michael


Really enjoyed my shoot with Different Mind Designs, extremely professional and helpful with the shoot. It was very easy to work with the photographer.

Using Different Mind Designs has worked for these people…

Kinnidi Alexiss


BOOK HIM NOW Such a talented photographer with a kind and funny spirit. Idk why I waited so long to shoot because the pics were beautiful & I had a great time. Very professional! I'd definitely recommend to anyone

Katrina Pearson


I've booked Tony a few times and he's always a gem and a joy to work with. And now that I have a new baby, he has officially become the family's photographer.




We believe in instilling confidence. Not only does it make you feel good, but it also translates very well on camera, creating beautiful and natural-looking images.


Although not our only style, we specialize in night shoots that generate unique images you can't get any other way.


After instilling confidence in our clients, a beautiful synergy is then forged. And when that happens, the experience becomes rich with nothing but fun, smiles, and an all-around good time.

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