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LeTony W. Hadnot Jr. - All Around Artist

DMD 2087 5LeTony W. Hadnot Jr. is a skilled illustrator, Graphic Designer + Photographer who hails from Beaumont, TX, but now resides in Houston. He has always had a passion for the Fine Arts ever since he was a young child. Always one to have a curious mind, he's tinkered around with different methods, techniques and tools of the trade to hone his skill throughout his experience. His skills include: Prepress Production Art, Graphic Design, Illustration and even a bit of Web Design. He has done work for an array of clientele including Fashion designers, Cosmetic Companies, Beauty Salons, Authors, DJ's, the list goes on and on. He has also worked for Advertising agencies to help provide services for large name corporate clientele. To this day, LeTony always considers himself an artist before anything, whether it's design or photography; and does everything in his power to remain dedicated in servicing those who need solutions to help satisfy a client's needs by living up to the expectations that he displays.

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Call: 281-913-5697

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